Making of Coko Smoki

Here is the video (commercial) made by Stark industry.

Traceur in the video is Bogdan Cvetkovic. Probably the best Traceur in region.

Pretty cool commercial, one of our favorite. Check it out :)…


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Welcome to the official Serbian Parkour Blog !

Welcome to the official Serbian Parkour Blog. We made this blog because we wanted to show ourselves on international scene as well so since our official site is on Serbian, we needed something written in English.

Our blog will be “filled” with different things. We’ll try to make it useful but on the other hand interesting and fun. As we imagined, we’ll mostly use this blog to show different kind of styles, moves, videos, fitness, some articles about food and health and so on. Since interests in this discipline are not so huge, popularity of this blog probably won’t be so high. Anyway, with the lack of enthusiasm and good will of people, I m sure that blog will “fly” just fine.

Before we open the blog with some article, we’ll have to add some things about our official Serbian site.

Our site is made few years ago and right now it caries different kind of people and age. Since Parkour is not so known and famous in our country, site caries like a hundred men or so. Well, looking into the Parkour will probably take you to some different place when you start. Before you get your body power and some muscles, you need to prepare mentally and “investigate” if the Parkour is really what you’re made for. Before everything, you should read a ton about it, get known with how to practice and so on. Your best friend would be internet since you can download many videos, lessons and so on.

Anyway back to the site. Our site is not so big. It has phpbb3 forums, contact link, our videos and gallery which is pretty cool. Since interests in Parkour are growing from day to day, we are pretty sure that our society will grow by then as well. New people are “incoming” and we are willing to help them.

Before we translate some of our articles and post them here, we would like you to visit &

Hope you’ll find useful. Serbian Parkour Team !

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